Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service

Our Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning and regeneration service is a relatively new addition to our product and service portfolio at Darwen Diesels. This service means that DPF’s, which previously had to be scrapped and replaced once they had become operationally ineffective, can now be fully restored.

There are significant savings to be made compared to replacing a DPF on a vehicle. A replacement DPF on a Volkswagen Golf, for example, is £1320, and for a Toyota Hilux or similar small commercial vehicle, the cost will be around £2500. Our price for the DPF cleaning service starts at just £165 + vat.

The service applies to all vehicles fitted with a DPF, including Cars, Heavy and Light Goods Vehicles, Plant, Agricultural and Marine.

With the unique “Flash Cleaning” technology, a newly cleaned DPF is usually restored to within 98% of its original condition. We verify this by testing the DPF, both on receipt and again when the cleaning cycle is completed. A copy of the report highlighting the difference is given to the customer.

Importantly, sensors do not have to be removed prior to, or during the cleaning process which will remove PM10, Cerium and Oil without any damage to the filter. Ash deposits are also removed during the ‘reverse flush’ cycle.

Darwen Diesels offer a fast turnaround service, usually within twenty four hours of receipt of the DPF.

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