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  • Pump Test & Repair Equipment

    Pump Test & Repair Equipment

    • Up to 6 injectors run at same time
    • Pre-injection tests
    • Regulator absorption test
    • Automatic Pressure Regulation
    • All makes of pumps and injectors tested
    • Up to 2000 bar working pressure

    40d 811a simulator and Cambox to test and repair EUI/EUP/PLD/PPD are fitted to Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, Mack, Renault, Iveco, Landrover, VW, Audi Seat, Skoda

    Test plans and illustrations are available for this equipment.

    We can also do adaptations to the majority of existing test bench equipment.

  • Injector Test & Repair Equipment

    Motor trade. For the most specialised garage or diesel shop, we recommend the 40d 3000. Its capabilities are as follows:

    • Fully automatic test procedure
    • Overide to manual control
    • Upto 2000 bar test
    • Test plans provided
    • Create own test plans
    • Electronically metered delivery & back leak
    • Automatic heater / cooler
    • 30Ltr tank capacity to 2um filtration
    • It generates a new injector code. (if this facility is not required, see 40d3100).
  • Injector Measurement

    Injector Measurement

    Using our measuring device when assembling the Common Rail injector will reduce the test time considerably.

    • For Bosch generation 1 & 2 injectors
    • For Denso injectors
    • For Siemens (Continental / VDO) injectors
    • For Bosch generation 1 & 2 & Denso
    • For Bosch generation 1 & 2 & Siemens (Continental / VDO)
    • For Bosch generation 1 & 2, Denso & Siemens (Continental / VDO)
    • Easy step by step guide
    • Comes with PC and monitor
    • D.T.I. gauges, cables Etc. included
    • Can reduce test bench use by 80%
  • Injector Coding

    After testing, some Common Rail injectors require a fuelling code for the on board computer to understand the injector parameters. We can supply the equipment and printers to do this

    This equipment works in conjunction with our 40d3000

  • Test Bench Tools

    Transfer pressure adjusters, flange marking gauges, 3 cornered EDC sockets, these are just a few of the extensive range of test bench tools available from stock.

    Critical fuel adjustments must be made on the test bench with the pump running to give you the optimum efficiency as per manufacturers recommendations. The following tools are just a few of our wide range of specialist tools.

    • Automatic/advanced/retard gauge
    • Fuel temperature gauge
    • Tappet lifters
    • Drive couplings
  • Work Bench Tools

    For your workstation, our range covers magnetic trays, dismantle and assembly trays, injector sockets, window sockets, tappet wedges, tappet lifters, bearing pullers, injector stripping jig, pipe bending jig, nipple forming tool and any other tool for the diesel trade.

  • Diagnostic Equipment

    To try and solve on vehicle fault codes, we offer hand held units that will assist in finding that ever elusive problem.

  • Added Equipment

    Includes Electrical connectors for Common Rail pumps and injectors, Engine Timing Kits, Timing Pins, Ultrasonic cleaners and fluid, small component containers (for use in ultrasonic tanks).

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Showing 1 - 15 of 1072 items

With modern diesel engines now being manufactured to Euro 6 specification settings on common rail injectors are more stringent than ever with adjustments made to within 1 micron (0.001mm).

Our Supply


DD supplies test equipment that allows the accurate adjustment, setting and testing of the injector to well within the manufacturers specified tolerances.

For common rail testing we have various stages depending on budget – from function testing to actual full test and repair including measuring on assembly for Bosch, Siemens and Denso.

For tooling purposes our wide range of stock covers engine work, work bench, and test bench. So for engine work, we have timing tools, timing kits and pins, sockets, spanners and insulated socket sets for the new breed of hybrid vehicles.

Bench Tools

Work bench tools include injector stripping and assembling plus pump strip and rebuild, catering for the majority of manufacturers equipment.

Test bench tools includes setting pieces, timing pins, special sockets, setting spanners and adjusters.

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