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  • Filter Assemblies

    At Darwen Diesels we have a very wide range of Filter Assemblies (with or without primers), water traps and agglomerators, all designed to filter fuel to protect the system from water, dirt and particle contamination and to prevent contaminated fuel getting into the system.

    We have filter assemblies for cars, light commercial, commercial, agricultural, marine and plant applications and they can also be made to individual customer requirements.

    We stock over 120 different filter assemblies including;

    Filter assemblies for Nissan, Toyota, Ford Transit, Bosch, ½” UNF 14mm, 12mm assembly with primer, (short/long glass) agglomerator, we also have them with or without primers, single/double with long or short glass or aluminium base.

    We stock sedimenter units, ½” UNF 12mm, 14mm with single or double base, with water trap, both ½” and 14mm (Left to Right, Right to Left), with electric pumps, Marine Sedimenters, Marine UNF single, with/without a glass base, (both long and short), 14mm special marine & repairable filter assemblies.

    Many of our filter assemblies are in stock and available for next day dispatch.

  • Filters

    We know how important fuel filters are to the efficient and safe running of your engine. Fuel filters and pre filters are essential components in your engine, keeping dirt, grime, water and other contaminants from causing serious engine malfunction and deterioration over time.

    We stock a wide range of filter elements, magnetic, tank, non return valve with incorporated filters and pre filters to prevent contamination and many of those hard to find filters we know you need including; 90 Degree 8mm Filter push-on filters, Metal Element filters, HDF901 & HDF902 Filter Elements, 7111-996A Filter Elements (Transit), HDF296 / 7111-296 Filter Elements, HDF504, HDF526 Filters for Japanese Cars, HDF496 Filters, 8mm Fuel Tank Filters.

    We also have 8mm Pipe, 8/10mm Pipe, 6/8mm Pipe, Citroen / Peugeot filter elements, 14mm Primers (with filter and valve), magnetic Filters 6mm & 8mm with Valves, Magnetic Filters 8mm & 10mm with Valves, 10mm &12mm Magnetic Filters, 14mm aluminium long filters, Nylon Filters for Pre-Filters and HDF796 Long filters for Transits.

    Many of these filter units are in stock and available for next day dispatch.

  • Filter Tops

    Darwen Diesels have an impressive range of single and double filter heads with metric and UNF fittings. We also have a range of vertical and horizontal mount filter tops.

    Our current range includes: Single filter tops with primers 12mm, Bosch 5 port, Bosch 5 port repairable, 14mm, 1/2” UNF single filter heads, Double filter heads 1/2” UNF & 14mm, filter head Left to Right, Mondeo, Iveco Cargo, Filter tops 14mm left to right, universal filter tops Bosch, (3 in-1 out type), Bosch filter heads vertical (universal), horizontal 4 port universal filter heads, double filter tops (horizontal), double filter tops (vertical), filter heads VW golf (new & old type), Fiat Punto filter heads, VW Golf filter heads with valves, Toyota & Nissan filter heads, Purflux filter heads, Universal repairable filter heads, filter tops (horizontal) with 4 ports, Early DPC single filter heads 12mm, single filter tops with primers 14mm and Universal filter tops.

    All of these filter tops and heads can be sold separately or fitted to create precisely the assembly you need. Many are in stock and available for next day dispatch, check for availability or call our sales team.

  • Filter Spares

    We have a massive range of filter spares, including; filter posts, studs and extensions, bolts, drain taps (both plastic and metal), glass bowls, filter bases, blanking screws, adaptor converters, and one way restrictor valves.

    In addition our range includes; filter components for both cars and commercial vehicles as well as marine, agricultural and plant applications.

    We also stock aluminium bowls (with or without drain taps), 8mm bulb primers with external valves, glass bowls with a 9mm hole, Toyota and Nissan filter heads, filter studs and bolts, filter stem seals, post extensions, bleed screws, filter base screw seals, blanking screws, filter elements, filter bases, water traps, dome shaped glass bowls (with and without holes), valve sets and diaphragm repair kits.

    Additionally we have repairable universal filter tops, bulb inline and hand primers, nylon filters, seals, pre filters and associated fittings, filter pipes, many types and sizes of single & double filter assemblies and various filter extension bolts for the following manufacturers; Audi, Bedford, BMW, Bedford, Caterpillar, Citroen, Ford, Iveco, JCB, John Deere, Komatsu, Land Rover, LDC, Leyland, Lister Petter, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Perkins, Peugeot, Renault & Volvo.

    Many of our filter spares are available in stock and ready for next day dispatch.

  • Inline Fuel Filters

    As diesel fuel generates water condensation in the fuel tank, rust particulates can be created over a period of time. An inline fuel filter can be added to the fuel line as a secondary precaution preventing contaminating particulates from getting into the fuel pump and ultimately into the injectors. In addition, if bio fuels were to be used instead of regular diesel, then the micro-organisms that are sometimes apparent in them, can be removed by the inline fuel filter.

    The inline fuel filter comes in several guises – different sizes for different pipe sizes, they can come with or without a non-return valve, and also with or without a magnet to attract any ferrous metals thus preventing any fuel contamination.

    On some vehicle applications, one fuel filter might not provide enough protection, so an inline fuel filter provides additional protection and peace of mind.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 278 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 278 items

Here at Darwen Diesels we pride ourselves on our in- depth expert knowledge of diesel engine and common rail injector systems and parts including filtration; for Cars as well as commercial, light commercial, agricultural, marine & plant applications.

Manufacturers covered include - Audi, Bedford, BMW, Bedford, Caterpillar, Citroen, Ford, Iveco, JCB, John Deere, Komatsu, Land Rover, LDC, Leyland, Lister Petter, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Perkins, Peugeot, Renault & Volvo.

We have a comprehensive range of filter components and assemblies and this includes both single and double filter assemblies as well as water separators, water traps, agglomerators, filter tops, filter elements, aluminium filter bases, glass filter bases and in- line filters.

In terms of dimensions we have both metric and imperial sizes. We specialize in those hard-to- find unusual parts as well as the day- to- day commonly used ones. Our parts database is meticulously maintained and updated to ensure that we stock everything you could need for your common rail filtration systems.

If there should be a part you need that is not on our database, please do not hesitate to contact our technical or sales team and we will always go the extra mile to locate that part for you.

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