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  • Lift Pump Assemblies

    Lift pump assemblies bring fuel from the fuel tank up to the fuel pump, via filters. Lift pumps are part of a more dated construction of diesel engine as modern day common rail diesel engines use either electric or vacuum pumps to deliver diesel to the fuel pump.

    There are many varying types, sizes and manufactures of lift pump assembly but the most common manufacturer is AC Delco who were an original equipment manufacturer.

    Our comprehensive range of lift pump assemblies includes CG, CP, FE, FH, MD, XD, RA, U, UF, VP, VPP, XJ, YD, YJ and PA diaphragm types (all AC Delco), plunger and priming pumps. All are supplied with seals and flange gaskets ready to fit straight to the vehicle.

  • Lift Pump Repair Kits

    We supply repair kits for a broad range of manufacturers of lift pumps. The repair kits will prolong the life of lift pumps.

    Over time, lift pumps will deteriorate through usage. Typically the parts that move, including the diaphragm, will deteriorate because of the continual movement and the valves will become less operationally effective because of fuel contamination. These parts will then need to be replaced. The timing of the replacement of the parts will depend upon vehicle mileage, service, history and quality of fuel for example.

    Darwen Diesels have a full range of lift pump repair kits for a range of engines including Amal, AC, BCD, FCM, Friedman and Maier as well as Perkins. We also stock spare parts for PLD, PPS (which are Lucas) and FP/KZZM (Bosch) lift pumps. These repair kits will allow you to effectively prolong the life of the lift pump, improving the performance of the engine as well as extending its operating life and saving money.

    Complete lift pump assemblies tend to be very expensive to replace and it may not always be necessary. On occasions when the lift pump simply needs servicing and a part or parts replacing, then a repair can be appropriate.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of the lift pump repair kits we stock at Darwen Diesels and our highly experienced and knowledgeable technical/sales team are here to help you. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. Also should you be unable to find the right repair kit for your particular lift pump, please contact us and we will do our best to source that repair kit for you.

  • Diaphragms for Lift Pumps

    The diaphragm is an important component in your engine's fuel lift pump system.

    The diaphragm not only draws the fuel from the tank, but it prevents engine oil from being contaminated with diesel fuel and stops air getting into the system.

    Typically, the coatings used on the diaphragms of lift pumps are neoprene and PTFE. Diesel fuel is continually in contact with the diaphragm so the coating has to be resistant to corrosion from the diesel fuel. The coating obviously also needs to be very flexible and to be able to cope with the continual movement that is associated with its use.

    If the oil level is rising mysteriously this can be a sign that the lift pump diaphragm has failed and needs to be replaced immediately. Another sign of failure is fuel mixed in with the engine oil, this is very likely the reason why the oil level has been rising. One option is to replace the lift pump entirely, but this may not always be necessary. To save this expense, and if you have the necessary skills of a mechanic available to you, you could replace the lift pump diaphragm unit.

    This involves disassembling the pump replacing the diaphragm and rebuilding the pump. It’s a skilled job and Mechanics often need a small 'C' clamp to squeeze the diaphragm and plunger together when reassembling the unit.

    At Darwen Diesels we have an excellent range of both single and double U, V, VP and Y type diaphragms covering almost every type of lift pump out there. If, however, you do have a problem finding the lift pump diaphragm you need, then please do not hesitate to call our sales and service team. Our technical advisors will be happy to help you source the part in question if they can.

  • Flange Gaskets for Lift Pumps

    Flange gaskets do not normally need to be replaced unless a leak is present or the pump is removed.

    Flange gaskets are currently manufactured from paper whereas previously they were made from Compressed asbestos fibre (CAF) which is harmful to health and has therefore not been used for a number of years.

    A failed gasket or O-ring can often be the culprit when it comes to persistent fuel leaks, resulting in puddles of diesel fuel under the engine after it has been running for a while.

    Fuel leaks can be extremely dangerous as well as expensive and damaging to the environment. An unnoticed build-up of leaked diesel fuel can be hazardous to people in a number of ways; fire and explosion risk, slippage and potential contamination of drinking water.

    When you are rebuilding the lift pump on your engine we always recommend that you replace all of the gaskets (flange gaskets) and O-rings to prevent fuel leaks.

    We stock all of the required seals for lift pump engines including 2, 3 and 4 hole fixings which fit between the engine and the lift pump.

    If you should need any kind of flange Gasket or O-ring for your lift pump assembly that is not listed on our parts database will be happy to search for and source that part for you, so just call our sales and technical team, who will always be happy to help you.
  • AC Valves and Gaskets

    Where the lift pump diaphragm is still in good working order, the AC valves can be bought individually. Normally, the valves are only replaced due to fuel contamination, or wear, or age degradation.

    Darwen Diesels have stock of AC Valves and Gaskets. The valves come complete with gaskets or can be purchased separately.

  • Electric Fuel Pumps

    Electric fuel pumps have been replacing the old fashioned mechanical pumps for several years as they are more efficient, maintain higher pressures at constant rates and are less prone to leakage and failure.

    Electric fuel pumps are not associated with Common rail diesel engines for cars. We hold a stock of electric fuel pumps. At Darwen Diesels we have a wide range of electric pumps for both petrol and diesel engines, (12volt and 24volt), we also supply adaptors if required. In our extensive range of fuel pumps we have two types of filter assemblies that are supplied with the pump units that are robust and reliable. They are suitable for Perkins, Massey Ferguson and Landini engines, at prices that will not break the bank.

    Our 12 volt pump can be used in cars, boats and light commercial vehicles.

    The 24 volt pump has applications in heavier commercials vehicles, tractors and generators, for example. New to our range are two types of filter assembly which has an integral electric pump which are fitted to Massey Ferguson tractors and Perkins and Landini engines.

    12 volt operates at 4 – 5.5 PSI and can deliver up to 18 gallons per hour.

    The 24volt operates at 4.5 – 6 PSI and delivers up to 12 gallons an hour.

    We pride ourselves on our thorough product knowledge and experience in the field of electric fuel pumps. We stock all the spare parts and fittings including supply lines, clamps, valves and filters along with our extensive electric pump range.

    If there is a particular unit you are looking for that is not on our database, please call our technical and sales team who will be happy to help you source the part you need.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 208 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 208 items

Here at Darwen Diesels we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and experience in the field of Diesel Lift Pumps. We have a comprehensive range of lift pumps for a wide range of applications including; agricultural, cars, light commercial, commercial, plant and marine.

In case you didn't know (or needed reminding) a diesel lift pump is a low-pressure supply pump that transmits the fuel to the high-pressure pump in a diesel engine. Its purpose is to supply the vitally important steady head of pressure to the engine's high-pressure pump.

We regularly deal with engine manufacturers including; Mercedes, KHD, Iveco, Ford, Perkins, Volvo, Scania, MAN, Rolls Royce, Mack, Lister, Bedford, David Brown, JCB, Freight Rover, LDV, BMC, Massey Ferguson, VW, Perkins Prima, John Deere, Cummins, Lombardini, Fiat, Rover, Ruggerini, Kubota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Isuzu, Dorman, Ruston, Leyland and Yanmar.

If in doubt, please contact us with your individual needs and specific requirements, our technical and sales team have over 100 years of combined experience and product knowledge and will be happy to advise you.

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