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  • Diesel Injection Spare Parts

    Darwen Diesels' extensive storage facility holds over 15,000 spare parts for all types of Diesel Fuel Injection Systems. Our online database also contains some of the more obscure parts, including filters, feed pumps, lift pumps, washers and seal kits, along with photographs to enable you to identify the parts more easliy. Please feel free to browse our database by using the search facility below.

  • Diesel Test Equipment and Tooling

    With modern diesel engines now being manufactured to Euro 6 specification settings on common rail injectors are more stringent than ever with adjustments made to within 1 micron (0.001mm).

    Our Supply


    DD supplies test equipment that allows the accurate adjustment, setting and testing of the injector to well within the manufacturers specified tolerances.

    For common rail testing we have various stages depending on budget – from function testing to actual full test and repair including measuring on assembly for Bosch, Siemens and Denso.

    For tooling purposes our wide range of stock covers engine work, work bench, and test bench. So for engine work, we have timing tools, timing kits and pins, sockets, spanners and insulated socket sets for the new breed of hybrid vehicles.

    Bench Tools

    Work bench tools include injector stripping and assembling plus pump strip and rebuild, catering for the majority of manufacturers equipment.

    Test bench tools includes setting pieces, timing pins, special sockets, setting spanners and adjusters.

  • Diesel Injectors and Diesel Fuel Pumps

    We offer a full TEST and REPORT service for Common Rail INJECTORS and PUMPS by Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, solenoid and Piezo, Unit injectors EUI, PDE and PPD.

    • Our Exchange Programme is supported by a comprehensive range of " in house" remanufactured units for the above. Most are available "off shelf" for a next day delivery.
    • Units can also be purchased outright.
    • We can also remanufacture customers own units.
    • All our work is carried out by fully trained technicians using the latest test equipment.

    Diesel Fuel Pumps

    Prior to the advent of common rail, the diesel pump was one of the most important components in delivering diesel to the combustion chamber. The pump had to be timed within a degree to the engine, so to produce the fuel delivered into the compression ignition cycle. However, with common rail the fuel pump delivers fuel to the rail and the pressure and amount of fuel are controlled via the ECU using pressure sensor, volume sensor or pressure valve.

    Our stock of common rail fuel pumps is wide and varied. The pumps will be either new or reconditioned in our workshops. With pre-common rail pumps, although our stocks are not what they were, we pride ourselves in sourcing exchange and/or outright pumps.

    With over 48 years experience, our industry sourcing knowledge is second to none, so it is highly likely that we will be able to help out with your particular needs.

    In the unusual circumstances that we are not able to supply your requested pump, we can collect your pump unit, recondition it in our workshops with a minimum of a three-day turnaround on the part. Please contact us for more details.

    Diesel Injectors

    The function of a diesel injector is to convert diesel fuel from a liquid to a vapour that is sprayed into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine. It creates an explosion under compression.

    On the old style of diesel, the timing of when the injector injects the fuel into the chamber was determined by the pump. With common rail and EUI engines the timing is now determined by the ECU or on board computer. The nozzle in the injector will spray the atomised fuel at a specific angle depending on the application.

    On common rail systems, the injector can be triggered several times before the main injection and several times after the main injection, thus creating better fuel efficiency and noise reduction. These injectors are set up on equipment working to tolerances within 1 micron (0.001mm).

    With almost 20 years experience in the test and repair of common rail and electronic unit injectors, Darwen Diesels can provide an experienced- backed quality service.

  • Diesel Injector and Glow Plug Removal

    As manufacturers strive to reduce vehicle weight, aluminium as a material is being increasingly used in engine production. There is a chemical reaction triggered between aluminium and steel when the two meet which leads to an oxidation which hampers removal of injectors and glow plugs. This reaction is unavoidable in many modern day engines.

    Therefore, to remove an injector, pressure in excess of 20 tonnes a square inch is required which is a lot of force. Even then the injector may snap in situ which makes the removal process even more complicated. Tools are available to pull out seemingly tightly locked in injectors and glow plugs.

    For injectors, some tools are required for specific engines but we also have a tool set which will cover 80% of the market as a universal platform. The removal of glow plugs is a similar problem and these will snap off very easily. Similarly, we can provide specific kits where appropriate and a general removal kit which covers the majority of the market.

Darwen Diesels stock over 20,000 genuine and replacement spare parts for the diesel fuel injection aftermarket.

Diesel Injection Spare Parts


Our wide range of stock from leading fuel injection manufacturers such as Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO Continental covers modern common rail and unit injector systems and pre-common rail systems. Our diesel spare parts are available for next day delivery if ordered before 5pm, and we have a telephone technical helpline to assist you with any technical query you have.

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Diesel Test Equipment and Tooling


For pre-common rail testing we have two test benches which are both 12 cylinders – 15 horse power and 28 horse power. The test benches test in-line and rotary pumps. Injectors are tested separately using a small hand pump and a spray arrestor.

For common rail testing we have various stages depending on budget – from function testing to actual full test and repair including measuring on assembly for Bosch, Siemens and Denso.

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Diesel Injectors and Pumps


We still have some stock of pre-common rail pumps and injectors, and if we don’t have it in stock, we are likely to be able to obtain it for you. For pre-common rail, we still stock a wide range of spares for pumps and injectors.

For common rail, we have a broad range of both pumps and injectors on an exchange basis as well as a great range of spare parts.

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Diesel Injector and Glow Plug Removal


Modern engines are now manufactured in a combination of aluminium and steel with aluminium used for weight saving. However, the combination causes a chemical reaction which means that glow plugs and injectors can often be difficult to remove. For these scenarios, we offer a range of tools which remove the need to have to refurbish the cylinder head because of an embedded glow plug or injector.

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