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  • Bosch Spares

    Here at Darwen Diesels we pride ourselves on having a very large range (over 600 parts) of Bosch spares for most makes of common rail fuel injection systems. If you are planning any kind of repair or strip down of your diesel common rail injection system, we have all the parts you could need.

    All the original and OEM parts and assemblies we stock are the highest quality components we can find, manufactured to precise and exacting standards and in many cases are original manufacturer approved.

    Our range includes:

    Hydraulic head and Rotor springs, hand primers, Pumps - Elements and delivery valves, throttle shafts, drive shaft bushes, hydraulic head plugs, solenoids and overflow valves, Injector nozzle nuts, intermediate disks, and compression springs.

    If there is any part or assembly you are not able to find on our database, please contact our sales team and we will try to locate it for you.

  • Delphi Spares (Bryce, C.A.V., Simms, Lucas)

    Here at Darwen Diesels we have a wide range of Delphi Spares for manufacturers such as Bryce, C.A.V., Simms, & Lucas.

    We have replacement and genuine parts of high-speed Fuel Injection components and assemblies.

    We stock all of the Pump elements, delivery valves, springs, bellows, rollers, tappets, control sleeves, circlips, bleed screws, bearings and tab washers you could need for servicing and rebuilding common rail fuel injection systems.

    We also have a comprehensive range of injector nozzle nuts, springs and shims. We pride ourselves on the exceptionally high manufacturing standards of our spare parts, components and assemblies, many of which are approved by the original manufacturers.

    Many of the parts listed here are in stock and available for immediate UK dispatch. If there should be any component you are unable to find here, just give our sales team a call and we will try to find it for you.

  • Injector Nozzles

    For a diesel engine to function correctly, the injector has to produce atomised fuel at a set pressure and a specific time in the power cycle. To achieve this, the injector nozzle might need to be replaced at some stage if the engine is not performing as economically as it used to or if nozzle replacement is an intrinsic part of a car’s service plan.

    If nozzle replacement is required, like-for-like is a must, otherwise an injector fitted with the wrong spray angle nozzle may cause engine malfunction. .

    At Darwen Diesels we stock a wide range of nozzles including genuine and replacement nozzles for Bosch, CAV (Delphi), Simms, Bryce, Zexel, Diesel Kiki, Yanmar, Nippon Denso, Leyland, Stanadyne, Gardner etc.

  • Gasket / Seal Kits

    At Darwen Diesels, we stock Bosch rotary VA/VE flange gaskets and repair kits, Perkins fuel line seals and Perkins injector body seals. This is just a very small selection of our wide range of stock items.

    We also stock overhaul kits for older style applications such as CAV, Bosch rotary and inline, Simms Minimec and Majormec. We also keep Denso and Zexel pump repair kits.. These gaskets/seal kits contain flange gaskets, O rings, washers, etc. In fact, everything required to repair specific units.

    We also keep a range of lift pump repair kits and individual components such as diaphragms, and one-way valves.

    We also do a repair kit for the Bryce single cylinder aluminium pump which is used by Petter/Lister for static engines such as water pumps and concrete mixers.

    Please contact us for more information on your specific needs.

  • Miscellaneous

    At Darwen Diesels we also stock a range of items that are not in any of the other categories, for example Denso, Stanadyne, Yanmar, Dipaco parts, glow plugs, Ford D series and Leyland injector inlet seals, Ford D series flange O rings, grommets, flange gaskets, Thermo couplings etc. These tend to be parts for older and perhaps more obscure vehicles for which demand is limited but consistent. For these particular parts, it would be worthwhile calling us directly to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Drive Shaft Seals

    Drive shaft Oil seals are generally used for dealing lubricating oil, diesel, grease and any other fluids, powders, gasses or granular solids. For trouble -free operation and optimal service life, drive shaft seals must seal and survive. Both proper design and material choice are critical if they are to seal against penetrating dust and dirt, and to prevent any liquids etc escaping. Good oil seal design is therefore, a balance between optimum running properties of the material, lip design and integral garter spring.

    Drive shaft seals come in many shapes and sizes with single lip, double lip and wiper lip, depending on where it is fitted in the engine. The sealing capacity of an oil seal depends on the pressure exerted by the sealing lip on the shaft. The degree of pressure is directly related to the pre-stress and dimensional tolerances of the seal and the shaft.

    Drive shaft seals now tend to be made out of Viton (Dupont Trademark) with a temperature resistance range from -40°C to approximately 200°C

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Showing 1 - 15 of 3511 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 3511 items

Here at Darwen Diesels we have an impressive range of general spare parts for all of your diesel fuel injection requirements, including a lot of highly specialized and hard to find parts you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else online. These parts are actually in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Our storage facility is meticulously maintained and updated regularly and our fully searchable online database contains over 15,000 parts including; Diesel Injector Pump Elements, Delivery valves, Fuel Lift Pumps, Gasket and Repair Kits, Fuel Filter assemblies and separate components, Injector Seating Washers, Seals and Sealing Washers, Injector Fuel Pipes, Fuel Hoses and Fittings by many well known and respected companies such as: Bosch, Delphi, Continental VDO, Siemens, Denso, Yanmar, Stanadyne, Bryce, Leyland, Gardner, Omap, Firad, OMS, Bosio, Corona, Spaco & Rased, to name just a few.

Featuring current high quality photographs to enable easy and accurate identification of the parts or assemblies you are looking for, our online database is continually being updated and improved to give our customers an easy and pleasurable browsing and ordering experience.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service and technical expertise we offer our clients and stand by the quality of the products we stock, having exhaustively researched the market to bring you the best components and assemblies at the very best prices in the UK today.  Should any diesel fuel injection part not be visible, do not hesitate to contact our expert team of sales and technical advisors and we will always go that extra mile to help you.

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