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  • Fuel Banjos

    Banjos are used for leak off connections on Bosch Cav/Simms/Lucas/Delphi and Denso injectors. They are also used for lift pumps, filter assemblies and fuel line connections.

    Where access is limited for space for a direct connection, often a banjo and banjo bolt is used for a 90 degree access starting from 6mm up to 16mm. Size of supply pipe varies from 3 sixteenths to 13mm

    We stock a very wide range of banjos which go from 6mm to 16mm, and are all metal and can be single stem, double stem and triple stem. They fit pipe with an inside diameter from 3mm to 12mm.

  • Banjo Bolts

    Darwen Diesels have the widest range of Banjo bolts and washers you will find anywhere in the UK. We are the No1 specialists in the field, our technicians and sales team are highly experienced and knowledgeable.

    Our banjo bolts cover 6mm, 8mm, 5/16th, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm. Made of metal, thread pitch will vary depending upon applications. CAV applications can be .75mm pitch and Bosch can go up to 2mm. Colours are black with an oilite plating, some are zinc plated, others are cadmium plated.

    Types and sizes available include;

    Banjo bolts in 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, (as well as 8mm extra-long bolts), 1.5mm banjo bolts, 12mm pipe fitting 14mm banjo bolts, bulb primer/banjo combinations,180° double banjos, single thread banjos, 90° double and triple banjos, 5/16th‘ 10mm banjos with 1/4' and 5/16’ stem, 10mm with 1.5 pitch and 12mm with 1/4’ stem.

    We also have a wide range of washers in 10mm, 12mm (in packs of 10)

    1/2’ banjo washers, 14mm aluminium washers and dowty washers.

    We also stock primer 1/2’ banjo to port, banjo bolt/vent screw, banjos with 1/2’ x 1/4’ stem, 1/2’ x 5/16’ stem, 1/2’ x 3/8’ stem, banjo bolt with 1/2’ UNF 14mm x 1/4’ stem, 14mm x 5/16’ stem, 14mm x 3/8’ stem, 14mm filtered, marine l/off 6x4, 8x6, 14mm x 3/8’ BSP short and long, 14mm AVM (short and long), 2mm X 3/8" BSP (short and long), 12mm AVM (short and long), Pipe 30’/W 10mm, banjo bolt 3/8’ 24UNF, banjo 12mm x 8 x 4mm.

    We have Common Rail Siemens Leak Off Connector/Tee Connector for 3mm Leak Off Pipe, Primer Port to Banjo (in various configurations) 1/2’ port - banjo, 1/2’ port - 14mm banjo, 14mm port - 1/2’ banjo and many more.

    All of these parts are in stock and ready for next day shipping to any location in the UK.

    We pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive stock of banjos and washers in the UK. Any banjo or washer you need should be listed here. In the unlikely event you do not find the part you need, please contact us and we will aim to source that part or component for you.

  • Leak Off Fittings

    At Darwen Diesels we stock a full range of leak off fittings and banjos that are compatible with both Zexel, Denso, Bosch, Delphi (C.A.V.) and VDO (Siemens/Continental) injection systems.

    Our leak off fittings include pipe connectors, inserts and olives all available in metric and UNF (Imperial) sizes. Fir tree, straight, 90 degree, T and Y shaped connectors are all available for fitting to both pipe and filter assemblies. We also keep single, double and triple leak off banjos suitable for Denso or Zexel injectors.

    Zexel is the Brand name from Bosch Automotive Systems and Denso supplies a wide variety of engine management systems and components for diesel injection engines. Denso are also famous for having launched the world’s first common rail system.

    We have leak off banjo fittings in single, double and triple configurations. We have Common Rail 180 degree leak off Connectors to fit Siemens, tee connectors to fit 3mm leak off pipes with 3/16" connections.

    The leak off banjo bolts we stock are manufactured to the highest standards, and precision engineered. We pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading supplier of diesel engine components and assemblies, if you are unable to find a part in our database please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Out highly trained and experienced sales/technical team will be happy to help you to source the part you need.

  • Non Return Valves
    Darwen Diesels stock a range of Non return or one way valves varying from 6mm – 13mm. One way valves can be used for a multitude of problems, mainly where the fuel has drained back to the fuel tank due to the system drawing in air overnight. This has been a problem for many years. Come the morning and the engine is turning over..... and over...... on the ignition key. We also do NON RETURN VALVES built into a filter, please check out our filter section for more information
  • Fuel Supply Pipes & Fittings

    Darwen Diesels supply a range of fuel supply pipes and fittings.

    Symptoms of a problem with these parts are long cranking times when starting the engine, especially in cold weather, due to diesel draining back into the tank. This is often caused by excessively worn or perished leak off pipes. Although they are only low pressure, and they very rarely leak while the engine is running, these hoses can become worn and start to take air in when the engine is off, causing a situation where it takes a lot longer for the fuel to be drawn into the engine on cold starts. Replacing the pipe can be a very inexpensive and easy solution.

    A competent mechanic, before immediately assuming it is the pump, fuel filter or tank, would check the condition of the pipes as a damaged or leaky pipe can not only affect the starting and running of the engine but also be a potential fire risk.

    At Darwen Diesels we stock high quality cotton over braided as well as smooth fuel hoses suitable for unleaded petrol and diesel fuels. We also stock a very wide range of high-pressure steel pipe and emergency pipe (both 1.2m and 0.3m lengths). We also have a comprehensive range of multi fuel supply hoses which are available in varying diameters, nylon pipe, clear braid supply hose, and every type of leak off hose.

    If you have any difficulty locating any type of hose, fuel line or leak off pipe, please contact us and we will try to source that part for you. All of the pipes and hoses you see on our website are available for immediate, often next day UK delivery.

  • Pipe Clamps

    At Darwen Diesels we have a wide range of injection pipe clamps in stock. We pride ourselves on having every type of pipe clamp you could possibly need for a diesel engine, we have both hinged and bolted 2, 3, 4 and 6 way injection pipe clamps available on the shelves ready for next day UK delivery.

    Due to the high compressions of diesel engines, vibration can be a problem causing fatigue in metals, especially with high pressure fuel pipes. Using a pipe clamp will help reduce the amount of flex caused by vibrations.

    If there is any type of pipe clamp you are unable to locate on the site, please do not hesitate to contact our sales/technical team. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in every field of diesel engine parts and assemblies and have the widest range in the UK today. We will be only too happy to help you and try to source that part or assembly for you.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 285 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 285 items

When servicing or rebuilding an engine there will always be a need for replacement fittings including banjos and bolts that are worn or which have threads that have become stripped. Darwen Diesels have an impressive range of all the fittings you could need for every diesel engine there is.

We stock all of the Banjos, bolts and fittings used in cars, as well as for light commercial, commercial, agricultural, marine and plant applications.

We have all types of Banjo and bolt for Bosch, CAV/Lucas, Simms and Denso pumps, as well as all the fittings for filter assemblies; lift pumps and fuel line connections.

We also stock every type of aluminium non- return valve, both with and without filters, which are available in a comprehensive size range.

Injection pipe, test bench pipe, high-pressure steel pipe, leak off tube, emergency fuel pipes and supply hoses are available in differing diameters and lengths.

Injector pipe nuts and olives brass, stepped, plain and plated can also be sourced in a wide variety of different sizes.

You can view the comprehensive range of Banjos, bolts, piping and connector in our catalogue, which is available on request.

If you cannot find the part you need in our database please contact our sales and technical team who will be happy to source the part for you. We have a wealth of technical experience here at Darwen Diesels and the widest range of parts, assemblies and components in the UK as well as the best reputation for service and excellence in the industry.

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