Bosch Piezo Injector Repair

Now that technology has advanced a lot further than 10 years ago, the major manufacturers of the common rail diesel systems have been developing the use of piezo crystals in the manufacture of diesels injectors.

The use of piezo crystals is down to CO2 output and more stringent emissions regulations to reduce greenhouse gases. The piezo crystals provide a more efficient burn in the power cycle than the electromagnet type solenoid.

We at Darwen Diesels, have been repairing Bosch piezo type fuel injectors successfully for over 2 years. It is very specialised work, and can’t be undertaken by every repair shop. The injector is totally stripped down, cleaned ultrasonically, and reassembled with new parts fitted if necessary. The injector is then put on test, and adjusted according to Corona test equipment specifications.

We also sell individual parts for the piezo injectors, which would enable our customers to affect the repair themselves.

We carry a range of Bosch piezo fuel injectors as exchange units but these injectors are difficult to remove from engines and while being extracted, stretching them could render them useless.

When we do have the injectors in stock, we can supply within 24 hours.

  • We hold vast stocks of OE and quality replacement parts
  • We can source virtually any diesel part
  • The largest UK independent distributor of Diesel Fuel Injection components
  • We export our products to worldwide destinations
  • Next day delivery

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