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  • Component Trays

    Component Trays are useful when stripping and reassembling injector assemblies in the workshop. All of the individual components need to be kept in a place where they will be safely stored until they are needed again. It is best practice to use a dish or, preferably, a compartment tray to safely store all of the parts to avoid losing or mixing them up and to keep them clean and uncontaminated.

    During the strip down of a Common Rail injector, it is imperative that the parts are kept together for each injector and in sequence while being dismantled. The simple confusion of getting a shim mixed up can cause hours of unwanted extra work to get the injector back to its original parameters when on test, so ALWAYS use a component tray.

    Darwen Diesels have a wide range of workshop consumables including magnetic dishes, which are ideal for keeping components safely stored. We have a great range of magnetic dishes in large and small size, in stock and available for next day UK delivery. All the bolts and small metallic parts, are kept together in a magnetic dish, the ultimate in safe workshop component storage.

    We also have a range of plastic injection moulded component trays similar to those used in the electronics industries, each with 6 compartments, ideally suited for use in a workshop to keep small parts safely stored and clean until needed.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our parts and assemblies along with our customer service. If you are unable to locate any part on our site please contact us and our sales/technical team will be only too happy to help you to source that part.

  • Protection Caps

    Protection caps have been used in the Diesel trade for many years. After the injector, or pump has been fully reconditioned or in some cases replaced by a new part, dust caps have been fitted after test and/or repair to keep dust, dirt or any form of contamination out of the workings of the unit and to protect the threads.

    Screw in and push in plugs, also push on caps and plugs available in metric and UNF sizes for injectors and pumps

    If you can't find the correct size of protection cap or plug that you require, then please get in touch and our team will help you find what you need.

  • Polythene Bags

    We stock a wide range of essential workshop consumables, including self-seal polythene bags (small) along with Injector bags, which are available in 2 sizes. We also have a range of DPA and inline pump polythene bags.

    Any form of contamination in the workings of an injector or pump should not be permitted under any circumstances, therefore protection is a must. Darwen Diesels polythene bags are made to accommodate all the different sizes required to keep a pump or injector free from dirt prior to being fitted to the engine.

    Our current range of workshop poly bags are all available in packs of 100 and consists of; Self-Seal Bags (4” x 5”), Injector Bags (8” X 12”), DPA Pump Bags (14” x 18”), In-line Pump Bags (18”x 24”), In-line Pump Bags (18” x 27”), Injector Bags (6” x 12”).

    These are high quality workshop poly bags that are manufactured to high standards intended for workshop use. These bags are self-sealing and ideal for packaging and presentation as well as offering a high degree of protection from dust, moisture and other contaminants.

  • Latex/Nitrile Gloves

    At Darwen Diesels we have a great range of safety gloves ideal for the workshop in 3 different styles;

    Our Comfit range of latex gloves are available in large and Xtra large sizes. They are pre-powdered to make them easy to put on and take off and are hygienic and comfortable, ideal for workshop use they come in boxes of 100 and are ISO9002 compliant.

    We also have a range of Comfit Nitrile gloves in the following sizes- Large, medium and Xtra large. They are powder free, extremely strong and durable, with a beaded cuff being both latex and powder free, ensuring peace of mind regarding the skin irritations/rashes associated with Latex. They are also ambidextrous and come in packs of 100.

    We also have PVC gloves in one size (10) made by Arco. They are fully safety compliant, they feature a durable PVC coating, with a cotton interlocked lining and knitted wrist band. BS EN 388:1994 and Cat II approved, all in stock and ready for next day dispatch.

  • Buffing Wheels

    Buffing wheels are purpose designed for the removal of rust, scale, paint, dirt etc. from metal and other surfaces. These wheels are also ideal for preparing metal or rubber prior to gluing and, of course for stripping paint from metal surfaces.

    Ferrous metals, after time, start to deteriorate and rust if not protected first, so to help remove this we stock a range of rotary wire brushes in either 30 gauge or 36 gauge and from 6” to 10” diameter. They are supplied with varying inserts allowing the brushes to be fitted to different sized motor shafts. If used on Non-Ferrous metals, great care must be taken so as not to damage the metal.

    Here at Darwen Diesels we have everything you need for buffing metal parts and surfaces. Within our range you will find all the most popular sizes and types of buffing wheels ideal for bench grinders and polishing machines.

    We keep a stock of the following sizes; 6”, fine and medium, 8” fine and medium and 10” fine and medium gauge as well as 8” thin gauge wire buffing wheels of very high construction standards.

    All of our buffing wheels are exceptionally high quality and durable, ideal for workshop use.

  • Ultrasonic Fluid

    An essential piece of Common Rail repair equipment is an Ultrasonic Cleaner. Cleaning the stripped down parts and cleaning them in a washing off tank, even with a clean solution, is not enough to remove all dirt or particles. An Ultrasonic cleaner with the right solution formula and dilution will remove dirt and particles not visible to the naked eye, rendering them available for assembly.

    Ultrasonic cleaning reduces or eliminates the need for the use of harmful chemicals when cleaning detailed components effectively.

    The process of ultrasonic cleaning is enhanced by the use of an appropriate cleaning fluid. Ultrasonic cleaning fluids typically contain wetting agents and detergents along with other substances in various ratios, depending on the items to be cleaned.

    We stock an excellent range of ultrasonic cleaning fluids which consists of; Aquatec HD by Clean-Tek in 20 litre and 5 litre containers and Bio Diesel Clean by ASNU in 25 litre and 5 litre containers.

    Both of these brands are rated as low foam Alkaline cleaning products which are purpose designed for removing oil and grease deposits, ideal for the workshop or test room.

    They are suitable for use in spray washers, ultrasonic baths and dip tanks. These cleaning solutions are perfect for cleaning engine parts but are not suitable for use with Aluminium or galvanised metal parts.

    Many of these cleaning solutions are in stock and available for next day dispatch.

  • Calibration Fluid

    At Darwen Diesels we make a point of stocking those hard to find specialised tools and high quality workshop consumables that we know you need including calibration fluid.

    Calibration fluids are simulated fuels that have the physical properties designed specifically to replicate diesel fuel. Calibration fluids are specially designed and formulated to meet the tight specifications demanded when calibrating, flowing and flushing fuel pumps and injectors.

    Smooth in texture, with high anti corrosion properties, our calibration fluid is ideally suited for use in nozzle testing systems and all types of hand operated and powered pump test stands.

    This is an essential component in order to render accurate and consistent results in diesel injection test equipment. It is also extremely useful as a corrosion prevention oil for the internal preservation of fuel systems.

    The Calibration Fluid we stock comes in a 20 litre container and is fully ISO4113 compliant. We have this product in stock and available for next day dispatch.

  • Oil Blacking Fluid

    There are a number of reasons to use oil blacking solution on machined metal parts and components, the main one being corrosion resistance. The black coating acts as an absorbent layer essentially bonding the sealant to the metal, enhancing its resistance to corrosion, even in salt water conditions.

    The smooth black surface looks attractive and gives the appearance of durability; if you are a manufacturer this can make your product look more appealing to buyers. It is highly economical compared to other metal coatings and has a high degree of dimensional uniformity with minute thickness, especially when compared to electro plating.

    Here at Darwen Diesels we stock an excellent quality oil blacking fluid, which is available in a 5 litre container.

    The product is called Black Diamond and it has been formulated specifically to produce a chemical black finish on any mild steel and cast component surface and is an essential product for use in any diesel workshop or test room.

  • Sealing Paint

    Here at Darwen Diesels we stock an excellent range of sealing paint made in Germany by Bäder-Lacke, a company based in Germany whose name has been associated with top quality tamper proof sealant (torque sealant) since 1962.

    The screw securing and thread-sealing paint we stock is an essential tool that has been purpose designed to protect, mark, and fill all types of seal work that involves any type of screw securing applications.

    It is often used in a quality assurance role to protect the product from unauthorised tampering or manipulation in the role of precision engineering or machine building in the auto and electronics industries.

    It is available in 5 colours: Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow in 20ml tubes.

    Highly resistant to oil, water, petrol and diluted acids or alkalines and can be used in difficult to reach areas.

    This product is usually in stock and available for next day dispatch, check here or call our sales team for availability.

  • Lead/Plastic Security Seals

    Both Nylon and Lead security seals kept in stock to be used with our security sealing wire to prevent the tampering of speed and fuel control on fuel pumps and tacho-graphs.

  • Security Sealing Wire

    High strength galvanized security sealing wire is designed to be used with either natural lead or plastic seals to prevent the possibility of any tampering with speed control or fuel control on diesel fuel pumps and tachograph installations, as well as gas and electrical stations.

    We stock an excellent quality security sealing wire. Our security sealing wire is made from galvanized steel with a fine lash, which is wrapped around an inner wire. This means if any attempt at tampering or stretching is made, it will show by the outer lash being visibly stretched.

    Security sealing wire is commonly used in conjunction with security seals, often made of lead but also available in plastic. We have stock of both types of seal available to use alongside the security sealing wire.

    Our security sealing wire is available in 150m reels, which are usually in stock and available for next day dispatch.

  • Jointing Compound

    At Darwen Diesels we stock the highest quality, non-setting gasket and jointing compound available in the UK. It was designed and manufactured under licence from Rolls-Royce, where it was used for sealing aircraft engines. Hylomar continues to manufacture Rolls-Royce approved products for sealing aeronautical turbines and flanges.

    Hylomar Aerograde gasket and jointing compound has a wide operating temperature range (-50°C to +250°C) is fuel resistant and Dichloromethane free, as specified by OEMs around the world for use on gaskets and metal surfaces.

    It is widely regarded as the world’s leading gasket and sealing compound. It is used in compressors, engines, heavy equipment applications and by OEM manufacturers worldwide. It is the sealant of choice in many world-class racing teams.

    The specialised polymer formulation is known to be highly effective as a sealant in applications where extreme vibration, distortion, or joint movement is expected.

    It can be used to replace a traditional gasket or to “dress” it in order to greatly improve a gasket’s performance. It is non-hardening and manufactured by Hylomar Limited and the product is called Blue Hylomar or Aerograde, which reflects its status as the gasket compound used widely in defence and Aero industries worldwide.

    Hylomar Aerograde gasket and jointing compound is available in 100g and 40g tubes and is in stock and available for next day dispatch.

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Showing 16 - 30 of 78 items
Showing 16 - 30 of 78 items

Here at Darwen Diesels we have a full range of workshop consumables that includes all the gear you need for your workshop. We stock all the most popular ranges of; pump and injector plastic protection caps, pump and injector polythene bags, injector boxes, latex/nitrile gloves, buffing wheels, ultrasonic cleaning fluid, calibration fluid, oil blacking fluid, injector and pump sealing paint, security seals and security sealing wire.  

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and experience and stand by the quality of the products we sell. We have exhaustively researched the market to bring you what we see as the best quality workshop consumables available in the UK today.

Our sales and technical team are there to advise and support you to ensure you always make the best choice when outfitting your workshop. Any consumable that you are unable to find on our database please call us and we will make every effort to locate and source it for you.

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